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Welcome to my voiceover page!
I’m Natalie Amey, a theatrical and voiceover actor with a passion for storytelling. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, I bring a unique blend of professionalism and enthusiasm to every project.

No matter the size of the job, I always strive to give my best performance. I’m an expanding voiceover artist with a broad range of styles and accents, and I specialize in creating natural and believable performances.   As a professional voiceover actor, I am passionate about providing quality audio content to my clients. My goal is to deliver a performance that is realistic, natural, and most importantly, engaging.  Let me bring your project to life with my voice.

Here, you'll find snippets of my voiceover work and some I've produced.  My voice is truly a perfect match for various projects, as I have a versatile, dynamic sound that can adapt to numerous styles and tones.  I am driven to ensure that each project I am a part of delivers clear, effective, and emotionally engaging content. 

My site is easy to navigate and has a contact page so you can reach out and connect.  Thanks for visiting and I look forward to working with you soon!  

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