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Experience the calming power of mindful doodling with our Mindful Doodling: Creating a Zentangle® guide. This creative expression guide helps you create beautiful Zentangle® art, a form of drawing that uses repetitive patterns to promote relaxation, focus, and stress reduction. Perfect for all skill levels, this guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you transform simple doodles into intricate, meditative designs.


It all started when I had an epiphany during one of my most stressful periods—I found solace in the simple act of doodling. As I lost myself in the repetitive patterns, I felt my stress melt away and a sense of calm wash over me. This realization led to the creation of our guide, Mindful Doodling: Creating a Zentangle® . I know what you might be thinking—"I’m not an artist" or "I don’t have time for this." But that’s the beauty of Zentangle®—it’s not about artistic talent or time; it’s about the process and the peace it brings. You might also worry that it won't work for you as it did for me, but countless others have found similar relief through mindful doodling. Don’t let these doubts hold you back from experiencing the therapeutic benefits of this simple yet powerful practice.


What You’ll Get:

  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating Zentangle® art
  • Techniques for using repetitive patterns to enhance relaxation and focus
  • Tips for selecting patterns and designs that promote mindfulness
  • A therapeutic activity that promotes emotional balance, stress reduction, and creative expression



  • Reduce stress and enhance relaxation through mindful doodling
  • Improve focus and concentration with repetitive patterns
  • Enhance your emotional health through artistic expression
  • Enjoy a calming and fulfilling creative activity



  • Typically 1-2 hours, including time for gathering materials and engaging fully in the creative process. Revisit the guide as often as you like for ongoing exploration and growth.



  • $7.99 for the downloadable version (video content not included)


Unleash the therapeutic power of Zentangle® and improve your emotional health through mindful doodling. Order now and start creating your own Zentangle® designs today!

Mindful Doodling: Creating a Zentangle®

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