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19 Must Read Books for New Actors

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

The following are great books about the craft of acting and the business of acting. Enjoy!

Books on the Craft of Acting

Sanford Meisner On Acting by Sanford Meisner & Dennis Longwell

Actions The Actors Thesaurus by Calderone, M & Lloyd Williams M

A Challenge For The Actor by Uta Hagen

Respect For Acting by Uta Hagen

Tackling Text and Subtext by Barbara Houseman

The Actor Speaks by Patsy Rodenburg

Essential Acting by B. Panet

Acting Stanislavski by J. Gillett

An Actors Work by Stanislavski

Building A Character by C. Stanislavski

To The Actor by M. Chekhov

The Energetic Performer by A. Brennan

True and False by D. Mamet

Books on the Business of Acting

Self-Management for Actors by Bonnie Gillespie

How To Be A Working Actor by MariLyn Henry & Lynn Rogers

An Agent Tell All by Tony Martinez

Acting Is Everything by Judy Kerr

How To Get Arrested by Michael J. Wallach

Hit The Ground Running by Carolyn Barry

The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide by Jenna Fischer

This is and will always be an ever growing list. So if there is a book or books you'd like to see added to the list, please comment below and let me know.

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Until next time!

Natalie Amey

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