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Emotional Expression Through Color




1-2 hours

Course Description

Explore and express your emotions in a safe and vibrant way with Emotional Expression Through Color. In this course, you’ll use color and abstract art to create a non-verbal outlet for emotional release and self-discovery. Perfect for all skill levels, this course encourages you to dive deep into your feelings and translate them into colorful, abstract art. Join us to discover the power of color in understanding and expressing your inner world, and experience the therapeutic benefits of creative expression.

Your Instructor

Natalie Amey

Hello! I’m Natalie, a multi-certified life coach with a specialization in Therapeutic Art Coaching. I’m passionate about helping people use creative expression to achieve emotional balance and personal growth. Through my own journey with anxiety, I discovered the transformative power of art and creative activities.

Natalie Amey
Materials needed
  1. Watercolor paints or acrylic paints

  2. Brushes of various sizes

  3. Watercolor or mixed media paper

  4. Water containers

  5. Palette for mixing colors

  6. Paper towels or rags for cleaning brushes

  7. A quiet and comfortable workspace

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." – Pablo Picasso

Let’s embark on this colorful journey together and find out just how therapeutic a splash of creativity can be.

Warning: Side effects may include bursts of creativity and spontaneous happiness.

"Art speaks where words are unable to explain." – Mathiole

Take action now and transform your life through art!

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